Mount Ajdahak



Mount Ajdahak is a volcanic cone with a crater on the North-west slope of the summit, and a 8-meters deep volcanic lake in the crater. The Summit is covered by snow almost all year round with a stunning view of Ararat Valley and Sevan Lake, as well as to numerous volcanic cones of mountain ranges.
You will come across with Vishap & Akna Lakes, 3000-years old Stone Dragons or Vishapakar (վիշապաքար) and petroglyphs, promising an unforgettable hiking.


Location: Kotayk & Gegharkunik (Geghama mountains), Sevaberd or Goght villages
Distance from Yerevan: 1 hour
Start point: Sevaberd or Goght villages
Duration: check out ascending options
Altitude: 3597.3 meters (vertical run: 400m)
Type: volcanic with a crater
Difficulty level: 5 (on 1-10 scale)
Dangerous passages: none
  Accompany of guide(s) is recommended!

Ascending options

Options 1 – Start point: Sevaberd village

12km to Akna lake @ 3200m (transportation by off-road means possible);
8km hiking to the Summit from Akna Lake;
Proceed to Mt Tar via mountain saddle and enjoy the beauty of Crater Lake of the Mount.
Get back to Akna Lake (8km) or take a 14km hiking to Geghamaghan and then to Sevaberd village by universal vehicle.

Option 2 – Start point: Goght village

Transportation to Vishap Lake by universal vehicles, then to the slopes of Ajdahak.
3-5 km to the Summit depending on the trail you pick; get back to Goght village by vehicles.
Check out Trekking in Geghama Mountains as an alternative option. 


Camping around Akna & Vishap lakes

Photo album:

Photo credit: Suren Khazarchyan

Information provided by: Your Armenia Touropedia