Mount Artavaz ski trail

Mount Artavaz ski track is located in Kotayk Province, 73 km from Yerevan. The best time to ski on the track is in January, February, March and even mid-April. The ski run starts from the last residence of Meghradzor town. The mountain is also interesting for hiking. The water reservoir of Hankavan is also visible from the Mountain. 

The ski run of Mount Artavaz passes through the canyon, along Marmarik River, and then rises up sharply. This section is dangerous, therefore, it is advised to follow the trail without going off the road. The most beautiful scenes are opened from the Summit. 

Monument Description

Mount Artavaz is located in the outskirts of Artavaz Village on Pambak Mountain range (2929 m), with a seldom semi-round shape.   

Where to stay?

You might stay at B&B’s and guesthouses in the region or camp around the Monastery. For more information check out our database of B&B’s.

Nearby destinations

Do not miss visiting the below destinations:

  • St. Nshan Monastery
  • Kecharis Monastic Complex
  • Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort

Trail characteristics

  • Best period: January-April
  • Ski trail length: 14 km
  • Ski run: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • Total ascent: 876m
  • Total descent: 876m
  • Max elevation: 2,903m
  • Min elevation: 1,994m

How to get to the Trail

Take a taxi (or personal car) to get to Meghradzor Village.

  • Distance from Yerevan: 74 km
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes on car
  • Cost: 7,500 AMD


There is a chance to meet  bears.

Safety precautions:

Mobile connection of “UCOM” and “Viva Cell-MTS” service providers is available not only in the Village but also up to the Mountain. In case of incidents, rescue services function in Armenia with 24/7 principle; call 911. Beware of dogs in villages.

Photo album 

GPS track

Follow the GPS track of this trail via the below map; however, keep in mind to consult with local guides before heading to the trail.

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