Climbing Everest is tough and being a Sherpa is really a risky job

Sherpa is one of the major ethnic groups native to mountainous regions of Nepal, as well as certain areas of China, Bhutan, India, and the Himalayas.

Sherpas are highly skilled and experienced climbers. They are paid to prepare the route for foreign climbers to follow, fix ropes in place, and carry the necessary climbing kit up the mountain.

Climbing Everest is tough and being a Sherpa is really a risky job.

Sherpas also tisk their life to help mountaineers to get back to the basecamp and in recent years, they even risk their life to bring the dead bodies of mountaineers back to their families.

They are the first ones summitting every season in order to replace the fixed ropes and ladders. When they leave their family and home every season, there is no guarantee that they might get back home safe.

They deserve honor and respect.

Photo by Narbin Magar fixing a ladder on Iceland Peak

Leave No Trace

  • Plan ahead & be prepared
  • Dispose the waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimize campfire impacts
  • Respect the wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors

Roads conditions

It is winter time! Check out road conditions before heading to the road! Beware of the snow & ice layer!

Vanadzor - Alaverdi section of the M6 Interstate highway stretching from Yerevan to Georgian border is temporarily closed. You can use Vanadzor-Stepanavan-Odzun-Alaverdi bypassing road.

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